Solid plastic toilet partitions are an ideal material choice for high traffic and vandalism-prone commercial restrooms where low maintenance and durability are a necessity. The material is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins and have homogeneous coloring throughout the material and smooth, machined edges. The lightly textured finish hides any effects of vandalism. The material is water resistant and unaffected by high humidity, making the material microbial resistant and therefore a sanitary choice. Solid plastic toilet partitions are graffiti resistant and will not dent, crack, chip, flake, or delaminate. Minor scratches can be successfully repaired due to a solid color throughout the material, and the partitions never need repainting. If you are looking for professional looking yet low maintenance toilet partitions in a high-traffic commercial restroom, then solid plastic restroom partitions would be the most appropriate material selection for your commercial bathroom project.

Colors & Finishes

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  • Quick ship only available in standard part sizes and in the following styles (overhead-braced & floor mounted).
  • For non-standard part sizes or other configuration styles, refer to "made to order" lead time below.

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  • Swatches are a printed representation of the color. Please view an actual sample prior to making your final selection.
Features & Benefits

Construction Features

  • Doors, panels, and pilasters are constructed of 1” solid plastic high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins.
  • Homogeneous color and material compound throughout, with smooth, machined edges.
  • Surface has a beautiful orange peel finish to help prevent scratches.

Heavy Duty

  • Solid material throughout the product provides for a solid and unforgetful heavy-duty strength.
  • The material is impact and wear resistant - highly durable.
  • Ideal for high foot traffic buildings and vandalism prone restrooms.

Moisture Resistant

  • Completely water resistant and unaffected by high humidity. Can be used under any moisture condition.
  • Excellent choice for outdoor showers and restrooms. Highly microbial resistant and sanitary.
  • Solid Plastic is recommended for parks, schools, recreational facilities, health clubs, and high traffic locations.

Low Maintenance

  • The HDPE material is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Compartments cannot rust, rot, de-laminate, oxidize, or absorb odors.
  • Water and graffiti resistant provides fantastic solutions for vandalism prone environments.

Created for areas where high strength is required and installation considerations prevent other toilet partition options. Headrail is used for additional strength. Most popular style.

Floor mounted structure is ideal for restrooms with concrete floors. It provides a consistent appearance across the top of panels and pilasters for a modern look. Headrail is not required.

This style provides for unobstructed floor space beneath the stalls. Floor to ceiling pilasters can be added to provide maximum strength and durability.

Recommended for rooms with low to medium height ceilings where additional stability is desired. Maximum recommended floor to ceiling height of 96". Requires ceiling reinforcement.

Provides the ultimate in personal privacy. This style provides complete head-to-toe coverage. Full height privacy style is available in ALL configuration styles. Very popular!

This style is appropriate for locations with children (daycare centers, schools, etc.). Door and panel heights are sized to be more appropriate for children. Best suited for floor mounted style.

Construction Features

HDPE Material

All panels, doors, and pilasters are made of solid high density polyethylene (HDPE), have homogenous coloring throughout the material, and are finished with smooth machined edges.

Anti-Grip Headrail

Bright dipped aluminum headrail to match chrome hardware for a coordinated uniform appearance. The top is pointed, resulting in an “anti-grip” top structure to prevent hanging from the partition.

Heat Sink

All doors and panels have a continuous aluminum heat sink strip fastened and integrated into the bottom edge of each panel. This helps dissipate any applied heat.

Pilaster Shoe

Each pilaster has a 3” high #4 finish stainless steel plinth (shoe) beautifully connecting the bottom of the pilaster to the floor, aesthetically hiding the floor mountings and any visible drill holes.

Full Height Brackets

All pilaster-to-wall, pilaster-to-panel and panel-to-wall connections are secured with beautiful full height bright anodized aluminum brackets.

Top Integral Hinge

The top of the door features an integral hinge with a nylon cam that can be adjusted from closed to varying open positions. Discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Bottom Integral Hinge

The bottom of the door features an integral hinge with a nylon cam that can be adjusted from closed to varying open positions. Discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Door Stop/Surface Latch

The door stop consists of a wrap-around strike and keeper and the interior door lock is an aluminum (bright/polished finish) surface slide latch.

Premium Options

Rabbeted Edges

Rabbeted edges on the strike side of each door to mate with a coinciding rabbeted edge on each pilaster provides for ultimate privacy on the latch side of the partition door. (Image show on phenolic material).

Continuous Brackets

Full length continuous brackets are available in stainless steel (standard are aluminum).

Wraparound Hinges

Aluminum wraparound hinges.

Jumbo Packaging

Metpar is now offering an extremely heavy-duty jumbo shipping carton. Some people refer to it as “The Beast”. This carton has a full top lid, bottom tray, thick top and bottom walls, and 4 sidewalls for full 360-degree coverage. The exterior construction consists of ½ inch thick triple wall corrugated cardboard, and up to 1 – ½ inch thick around top and bottom walls and all corners. Easy to deconstruct and cardboard walls are lightweight and recyclable. If you want indestructible, you and the freight carrier terminals have met your match!

Multi-Cam Hinge

A full height (bottom of door to top of door) MultiCam hinge is available to eliminate any gaps on the hinge side of each partition door for ultimate privacy. (Image shown on phenolic material).

Fire Ratings

Multiple fire-resistant grades of material are available.